Jearl is the daughter of Jugene "TurboTriangle" Trabs. And usually. Jearl is 16 years old and is great and most likely. It is revealed that Jugene is gonna have a son after she is 17 years old and she is smart and can do everything. Even the things sponges can do since she is a moonwhale. And she knows everything. And she is a little bit compared to Pearl. And yes. Jugene Trabs is not a cheapskate and Jugene likes lightning. Money, And some others. Even through jugene is not a cheapskate. He still likes money just like Mr. Krabs. And yes jugene is also known as Mr. Trabs. An alternate dimension version of Krabs. And tlankton is trabs's rival and mr. krabs's friend and all the planktons are friends with all the tlanktons. And jugene opened a restruant called THE GOLDEN TRAB. And there is Moon Patties. Which taste super fancy, delicous and awesome, Nobody can resist a Moon Patty more then a Krabby Patty!

Jearl TurboTriangle