Super mario is the main protagonist of the mario series and he is in the mario cartoons and i think he's an cameo in some cartoons and his brother is Super Luigi. Mario's sidekick and bowser's second enemy

Luigi as a fairy

And most personally. Luigi as a fairy is an green version of mario as a fairy and in the donkey kong game, Donkey Kong is the main antagonist of the game and Donkey Kong jr. Is the protagonist of the donkey kong jr game and mario. is the main antagonist of the Donkey Kong Jr and Donkey Kong Jr must save donkey kong in his game. And perfectly. Bowser can be playable in some games like super paper mario and some games. Peach can be playable in some games and sometimes. she always gets kidnapped by bowser and right you are. Wario is mario's rival that is more fatter then mario and is yellow and haves an w on his hat instead of an m and waluigi is luigi's rival that is more taller then him and he is evil just like wario and the mario villains and he haves an upside down l on his hat and the end. Super Mario is an cool character

Mario as an fairy